Developing Law Firm Marketing Plans

Are you currently developing your law firm marketing plans and looking for ideas to enhance your digital presence, check out this article for a few quick tips you can use to start you on the right path.

There are countless ways you can use digital marketing (DM) to benefit your law firm. However, your firm may not benefit from certain DM tools. For example, if you’re an insurance defense firm, it’s unlikely that you need to run a search engine optimization campaign because your potential clients don’t use the Internet to find a law firm.

However, it is critically important that if someone searches for your firm by firm name, or, searches for an attorney at your firm, that he or she is able to find your website easily. And, once they get to your website, they are confident that you are what they are looking for.

As such, it’s important before you start marketing your firm, you identify what your marketing goals are and develop your marketing plans accordingly.

Law Firm Marketing Plans

Before you hire someone to design and develop your website, did you have a marketing plan in mind? Did you identify:

  1. Your unique value proposition?
  2. Who your target market is?
  3. Where your target market is?
  4. What your message to them is?

If the answer is no, you are not alone. The vast majority of law firms will develop a website and throw up a Facebook page without answering these questions.

This can actually be a short process. Your law firm marketing consultant should guide you through this process. If he or she did not, contact LawFull Marketing to learn about our Virtual Marketing Officer program for small and medium sized law firms.

Step 1 – YourWebsite

All your digital marketing centers around your website. The key element to using a website to market your law firm is to make sure it looks modern and professional. As simple as this, you would be surprised how many law firms have old, template-based, unattractive websites that are difficult to navigate and don’t provide easy access to contact the firm.

Your website should:

  1. Reflect the level of professionalism that you offer to your clients
  2. Offer them easy access to any information they are searching for
  3. Have simple options to enable the visitor to contact the firm

Website visitors make a split-second decision whether to contact your firm. If you were faced with the choice of eating at either of these two restaurants, which one would you choose and why?


The choice is simple isn’t it? The same thing applies to website visitors. If someone visits your website and it doesn’t make a positive impression, they will go somewhere else.

So, all digital marketing should start with enhancing your website presence. This does not have to be an expensive proposition. Most websites just need a facelift. Contact LawFull Marketing today to see how we can help enhance your website.

The Next Step – Content Marketing

Even in the digital world, connecting to new clients is about building relationships based on trust. In fact, it may be even more so than in the past.

When people require legal help, they are likely to start with a Google search. They probably begin by searching for information about their legal issue. The question is, will they find an answer from you or another law firm?

This is the reason content is so important on your site. Put aside for a second that content is integral to your search engine optimization efforts. Content is the foundation for the trust relationship you build with your website visitor.

What is your content marketing strategy? A profound content marketing expert once said that you have to ‘give Google a reason’ to put your website on page one. Once you get there, your content is the key to convert visitors to contact the firm (along with several other factors).

Search Engine Optimization

Next, ask yourself if you want to use your website as a lead generation tool. If the answer is yes, you will want to speak with an expert about search engine optimization.

To reach people in an era ruled by the search engine, you need to share the right content, but it is not always enough. That content must be optimized so people can find it. In other words, you need to take specific steps to ensure that search engines will find it and display it when people search for the topic.

Search engine optimization or SEO can be ‘on-site’ or ‘off-site.’ On-site SEO includes:

  1. Identifying and using keywords in the content on your site
  2. Using metadata so that Google indexes your site properly
  3. Developing the code of your site per technical specifications which often change and must be modified

Off-site SEO is the type of SEO that law firms often reference as costing a lot. It involves among other things, the development of a backlink profile to your firm website.

As stated above, your law firm may have no interest in using your website for lead generation. Regardless, on-site SEO should always be developed properly and there are certain off-site elements that should be completed for every site.

Get Help Developing Your Online Law Firm Marketing Plan

Mastering online law firm marketing may feel overwhelming. Most lawyers don’t have the time to learn marketing and practice law. LawFull Marketing can help. We can help with an overall online law firm marketing strategy that positions your firm to utilize digital marketing in a manner that works best for your firm. Contact LawFull marketing today for a free consultation.

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