Email Newsletters

Law Firm Email Marketing

When you market your law firm on Google, you’re at the mercy of Google. Same thing when you advertise on Facebook, Instagram and/or any other channel.

However, email marketing is different! When you use an email newsletter campaign to market your firm, there’s no intermediary between you and your clients and prospects.

For this reason, email marketing is a powerful tool you can use to build your book of business.

Does Your Law Firm Have an Email Newsletter Strategy?

It’s not as simple as sending out an email blast and hoping someone will contact you. Your email marketing should be a part of a larger strategy.

Each month, you should meet with your law firm internet marketing company to plan the next month. What is your message for the upcoming month? Write a blog, highlight an attorney, post on social media, and/or send out an email newsletter to support that strategy.

Use Email Newsletters for Cross-Marketing

Your efforts don’t end after you send the newsletter out. Current email delivery systems— like Constant Contact or MailChimp—offer analytics about who opened your email and what content they clicked through to.

You can take this information and use it to push additional relevant content to these prospects and/or to follow up with them personally.

Finally, many firms are using “drip marketing” campaigns to automate the marketing process. When someone signs up for your newsletter on your website, you can then ‘push’ a series of introductory emails informing the subscriber what they can expect from us. These could include:

  1. Welcome Email
  2. Top 10 List
  3. Video
  4. Offer

Upon completion of the drip marketing campaign, the visitor is then channeled into the firm’s regularly newsletter list.

Do you want to develop an automated email campaign to help you reach more prospects? Get in touch withLawFull for a free consultation!