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During the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve been posting a new law firm marketing idea every day on LinkedIn and Facebook. We’ve garnered a lot of great feedback and questions about the posts so we thought we’d put them into a word document so that anyone who is interested in marketing their firm has a single place to go for all the tips.

So below you will find a brief description of all the law firm marketing free advice we have given out so far. Hopefully, you’ll find some of these helpful.

Of course we don’t recommend trying to jump on all of these suggestions at once. Rather, pick one and build a strategy around it. Don’t write a detailed marketing strategy brief. Just get down on paper what you want to execute on and how you are going to do it. Then, execute.

It could be as simple as enhancing your LinkedIn profile or posting 3x per week on LinkedIn or your social media channel of choice.

It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you take affirmative steps to market yourself during these unusual times.

So, we proudly provide you our Top Marketing Tips to Market Your Law Practice During the Pandemic

Claim and Use Your Google My Business Listing

Our first (and most important) tip is to claim and use your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Your GMB listing may be the single most important piece in your law firm marketing plan.

Claim it, fill it out including:

  • Info: all your firm details (hours, address, URL)
  • Write a description
  • Select firm categories
  • Enter labels (keyword phrases)
  • Add photos, and
  • Start posting on the GMB weekly (or more)

If you’d like help optimizing your GMB reach out to us. We offer free 30 minute appointments to answer any of your questions.

You can schedule your appointment here.

Create a Law Firm Email Newsletter

When you generate leads on Google, there is an intermediary between you and your clientele – Google. Same for Facebook. The single best marketing tool you have to communicate directly with your clientele is an email (or print) newsletter.

I recently wrote a blog about why a newsletter is a better tool to communicate to your clientele than even social media.

Go to or Constant Contact, set up an account and send out a newsletter. Or you can engage a marketing consultant to do it for you. Newsletters are fairly inexpensive to develop.

Do a Facebook Live Video

Another free marketing tip for my legal colleagues. This one might be a little uncomfortable for many of you but if you did this 1x per day for the next 365 days you would see amazing results!

Record a 1 minute Facebook Live video. I dare you.

So many attorneys are afraid to put themselves out there, especially on video. Do it and see the reaction. You will get more comments and likes from this piece of content than any other post you do. One idea, document how you are working at your home office so clients know you are available.

Email a Colleague

For many lawyers, the vast majority of their leads come from referrals from other attorneys and other friends or colleagues.

As such, today my tip today is to pull out your contact list (CRM or excel spreadsheet) and reach out to 2 people you haven’t chatted with in a while.

The first folks you should reach out to are your strategic partners – folks who have referred to you in the past or have otherwise taken steps to help you out.

However, this is not just limited to these people, check in with your colleagues. Lawyers are people and we appreciate when people reach out to check in on us.

Run a LinkedIn Ad Campaign

A lot of firms I meet with tell me they’re not interested in marketing online because their clientele is not looking for a lawyer on Google or Facebook.

That may be true. But if you are a B2B law firm, your clientele is likely on LinkedIn.

If your target market is on LinkedIn, then focus your marketing efforts on that platform. This might include a paid ad campaign. You’ll find that the cost per click is much higher than Facebook (for example) but your marketing is focused on the market you’re targeting.

LinkedIn offers a few different marketing opportunities from sponsored or ‘promoted’ posts to sending targeted messages.

Create Your Own Graphics

When posting content online, you are likely to get a higher engagement rate if you also post an engaging graphic with your content. But how do you create graphics?

Use! It’s a super simple tool you can use with prebuilt templates for any type of graphic you want to make. There are templates for Facebook and Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails and more. There are also thousands of photos you can choose from.

I have a subscription with Canva that costs $12.95 per month. It’s a real value.

So go ahead and create your own graphics!

Create a Marketing Plan

All our lives have been turned upside down by the pandemic. As such, even those of us with the best laid out plans have had to modify what we’re doing.

All law firms should have a marketing plan that covers what the firm will do the next 30 days, 60 days, 6 months and so on.

But what should we do during this crazy time? Identify your top priorities for the next 30 days and act on them. LawFull is sharing a free marketing tip for lawyers every day until the shelter at home order ends. That was not in our plans for 2020 but things changed.

However, you should also be developing a plan for what the firm will do once the pandemic ‘ends.’ I’ve spoken to several firms who believe that there will be opportunities to market themselves very soon and they are planning for it now. You should too.

Mind you, I’m not talking necessarily about a huge written marketing plan. Keep it simple for starters. Write down what you want to accomplish in the next 30 days. It could be just a paragraph or two. But writing it down and scheduling time for it in your calendar makes you accountable.

Take a CLE on Law Firm Marketing

A lot of lawyers are skeptical of using the internet to market for their law practice. However, most of that concern is based on lack of education on the topic.

That’s one of the reasons why we’re giving away all this free information. To educate our clientele. However, if you’d like to dig a little deeper, there are a lot of CLE’s on attorney marketing out there.

During the crisis the Illinois State Bar Association is offering 10 free hours of CLE. I watched one of the CLE’s on using social media to market a law firm. I thought it was really good and I recommend it. You can find it here:

Also, if you’d like to speak with us about your marketing efforts, we’re offering a free 30 minute consultation to any solo or small law firm who needs it.

Schedule your free consultation with us here.

Create a Marketing Budget

Seems obvious right – create a budget. But you’d be surprised how many firms throw money at marketing before creating a budget.

Your budget will dictate what form your marketing will take. For example, if your budget is $250 per month – you’re not going to use Google ads as a lead generation tool.

Information like this helps your marketing person come up with a strategic plan to help your firm.

In addition, and we’ll address this in a later post, your budget (or investment) can then be measured against the results to come up with a ROI.

Join a Facebook Group

On Facebook there are countless ‘groups’ that lawyers can join. You can join a ‘legal marketing’ Facebook group to get some tips on how to market your practice.

In addition, there are so many industry specific groups that a lawyer can join. For example, if you are a construction attorney, find a Facebook group focused on the construction industry here in Chicago.

Do not ‘market’ yourself in the group. But you still can provide VALUE. Answer group members’ legal questions. Do so expecting nothing back in return.

You will be positioning yourself as the go-to person in the group for this information and these folks may reach out to you separately for assistance.

Find a Marketing Mentor

Another tip for law firms interested in enhancing their marketing during the pandemic.

Find a marketing mentor. Someone you follow online who provides you value. I follow a lot of outstanding marketing minds.

There are countless other folks providing information if you’ll only go out and look for it.

You might also want to hire someone to coach you in your marketing efforts. I personally have used a business coach for the past year and he has provided invaluable support to all aspects of my business.

Finally, as I mentioned yesterday, many of these marketing folks have online Facebook or LinkedIn groups you can join.

So take the next step, find a marketing mentor.

Spy on your Competition

Are you interested in seeing what your fellow attorneys are doing to market their firms online?

There are many tools available to you to see what your competition is doing. Some of the big tools are SpyFu, SEMRush and Moz where you can see what terms your competitors are ranking for and what backlinks they have.

Why is this important? Because you can emulate what they’re doing.

Are you using Facebook to market your firm and want to see what ads your competitor is using? I did a video on this a while back that you can find here:

Of course, you don’t want to copy what your competition is doing but if what they’re doing is working, take their example, modify it and create your own campaigns.

Fix Your Directory Listings

Go on to Google and run a search for your law firm name. Do you notice how there are many websites, most of which you have never heard of, who seem to have a profile about your law firm?

Those are online business directories. You may think they are a nuisance. You may not even like the fact that they placed your firm in their directory. But they do serve a purpose and when used properly can enhance your SEO efforts.

So today’s tip is to clean up your law firm’s online directory listings. That includes Findlaw and Avvo of course, but also elocal and a hundred more directories you’ve never heard of.

Want to know how? Reach out to us to schedule a free appointment to learn how you can automate this process. Click here to schedule your appointment.

Host Your Own Zoom Meeting

We have all been attending Zoom meetings to meet with colleagues and/or clients. But how many of these meetings did YOU organize?

You have value to add. So, set up your own meeting on a topic of interest! Or, email a colleague and ask them to jump on a quick call to catch up. You could also host a networking event for you and several colleagues.

Take advantage of the time we have to step outside your own comfort zone and be a leader, not just a participant.

Own Google Page 1 for your Brand Name

Another marketing tip for solos and small law firms.

SEO is so competitive especially in a big market like Chicago. However, one SEO battle you can win is to own Google page 1 for your own brand name.

It is very important that when someone searches for you by name that you dominate that Google search.

So, run a search for your brand name, do you own all the organic search results? Does your Google My Business listing show up? If not, take steps to dominate this page. And, go into each of the results and make sure each of them (whether it be directory listings, Yelp, LinkedIn etc.) has the proper contact information for your firm, photos and/or any other information you can provide.

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