How to View your Website Code and in Particular your Title Tags

Law firm website title tags

Law firms often ask me to audit their Internet presence. They’re often confused why they’re not getting found on Google. One of the first things I look for is a proper title tag on their website homepage (and other web pages). If your title tags are wrong, it’s unlikely your website will ever get found. So read below to learn how to view the code of your website and in particular your title tags.

My former partner always warned me against ‘getting into the weeds’ or too technical. However, a simple understanding of what a title tag is and how it helps is beneficial.

What is a title tag?

A title tag very simply is the title of your webpage. Every page on your website should have one. Tools like WordPress, Squarespace and Wix make it easy to add title tags. Title tags are extremely important to successful search engine optimization campaigns let alone ensuring that your law firm gets found when someone searches for you by name.

Title tags are intended to give both Google (and other search engines) as well as Internet users a guide to what is on the webpage. Google uses title tags to figure out how to index the web page and users read them to learn what the page is about.

If your title tag is wrong, Google may index your page improperly and/or users may not click through to your website.

How to View a Title Tag

The simplest way to see the ‘code’ or meta data of your website is to hover over a webpage, and right click your mouse. Select ‘view source.’ The code of that web page will open in a new window. You can look not only at the code on your site but anyone else’s website as well.

What Does a Title Tag Look Like?

Now that you’ve found the code of your site, let’s take a look at what a title tag looks like. First, the title tag is located in the head tag of your web page, just before the page’s meta description. The title looks like this:

<title>Chicago personal injury lawyer | Chicago Legal Group/<title>

This title tag is clear to Google and to anyone using the Internet to search for a law firm as to what this law firm does. This is what it looks like on Google within the search results.

Title tags search results example

What Words Should be in a Title Tag?

Once you understand why you are creating a title tag, you can address the what about title tags. In particular, what do you put in your title tags? This is where creating a law firm marketing strategy and keyword research come in to play.

First, what is your marketing strategy? If you are a personal injury law firm in Chicago, you might have a similar title tag as the Chicago Legal Group above. However, you might not want to use that title tag. The reason being is that every personal injury law firm in Chicago has been using that same title tag forever. The chance of competing with those firms is small. As such, it may benefit you to go another direction.

After your strategy is developed, you should do your research. I have addressed keyword research in another blog article on this site. However, in sum, there are several methods of researching what people are searching for on Google and other search engines. These include using Google itself,,,, or the keyword tool in Google Ads.

Title Tag Cardinal Sin Number One

A common error that law firms make is for the title tag on their home page to be:

<title>Home page<title>

Other law firms use the home page title tag for their name only: <title>Chicago Legal Group<title>. Title tags are valuable space that should be filled with keywords that describe its web page.

Most of the time, these errors are not done by the law firm but rather by the graphic designer the firm hired who understands how to develop a website graphically but does not understand search engine optimization.

If the title tags on your law firm website is incorrect, contact LawFull Attorney Marketing. In most cases, improving your website’s meta data is an easy fix. If you want help learning how to view your website code and/or to fix it, reach out to LawFull Attorney Marketing.

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