Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Does Your Law Firm Have a Marketing Strategy?

And more importantly, is it working? Increasingly, small law firms are attempting to manage their own marketing. But it’s time-consuming to develop a marketing strategy, vet freelancers, learn how to use WordPress, develop a content calendar and more.

We’re Law Firm Marketing Experts

Let LawFull Attorney Marketing guide you through the process. Our Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO) program makes it easy to outsource these duties to us. LawFull President Barry Zlotowicz is a longtime attorney and experienced legal marketer. He provides marketing guidance at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal marketing manager.

Get Cost-Effective, Flexible Marketing Services with LawFull

We meet with you in person to identify needs and provide objective, no-nonsense and honest third-party consulting to enhance your law firm marketing, including:

  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Identify and make recommendations about vendors/freelancers
  • Train staff how to write content
  • Develop a ‘content calendar’
  • Monitor the health of your website
  • Identify public relations opportunities
  • Develop non-digital marketing strategies
  • Provide monthly analytics
  • Develop and manage e-newsletter
  • Lead generation via SEO and Google Ads

Get in touch with us today if you have any questions or if you’re interested in a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.