Social Media for Law Firms

Your Law Firm Can Benefit from Social Media Marketing

We’ve spoken to many attorneys who have told us, “Nobody is looking for an attorney on Facebook!” That might be correct (though we doubt it), but it’s irrelevant. Your potential clients are in fact on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for countless hours every week. In fact, it is estimated that the average person spends 142 minutes per day on social media!

Social media is therefore an opportunity to establish your brand in the marketplace. This includes LinkedIn, which is the optimal place for B2B law firms to market themselves.

Connect with Your Audience on a Personal Level

If you’re just retweeting or repeatedly posting links to your website, you will not scale your social media channels. You have to communicate with your followers and other people who are also using social media to get their message out.

The problem is that attorneys do not have the time to do this. LawFull can help you develop your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, and actively engage on social media on your behalf.

It’s Easier Catch Fish in a Bucket than in the Ocean

When you find people who are interested in your services, you can direct them to your LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social media communities. Once these people are in your community, you can communicate more easily with them. This is the equivalent of fishing in a bucket rather than fishing in the ocean.

Social Media Helps with Your Website SEO

Google is astutely tuned into what’s happening on social media. A website that doesn’t have a corresponding Facebook page is a mistake. Google measures everything, including user engagement. The more visits you get to your website from your corresponding social channels, the better.

It Allows You to Promote Your Content

Social media is also the best way of ‘promoting’ your content. After your firm publishes a blog, video, press release, wins a successful verdict, promotes an associate to partner, and more, social media is the ideal place to “promote” the content. This will drive traffic to your website and is an indicator to search engines of engagement.

And, It’s Most Effective to Build an Organic Following.

Posting organically on Facebook and other social media channels in today’s Internet environment has proven far less effective than ‘paying for likes.’

Targeted ad campaigns are available on social media and have proven effective for many law firms. Talk to LawFull today about how to use social media for your firm.