Top 10 Halloween Marketing Ideas for Law Firms

Law Firm Halloween marketing ideas

Just like that it’s October 2019. Days are getting shorter and the cold weather is coming. Time to pull out your sweaters and heavy jackets. And it’s also time to prepare your law firm marketing for the upcoming holiday season. As such, here is a list of the top 10 Halloween marketing ideas for law firms.

  1. Be timely: Market your law firm for the next two weeks with a Halloween theme. Seems obvious right. But so many law firms miss opportunities to capitalize on current events. The public views lawyers with mistrust. Dressing in costume, posting on social media about Halloween and other holidays humanizes us. Yes, people hire lawyers based on skill and experience, but they also want a human they can relate to and that they trust.

You may be skeptical about dressing up or posting Halloween photos on social media so I asked Nancy Pender of Pender Communications what she thought. She agreed and said “We’re all human and should communicate as such. To get someone’s business you need to be able to connect. That’s how you gain a person’s trust . . . How do you communicate with friends? Shoot for that.”

  1. Have a Halloween holiday party and shamelessly post about it on your social media channels. First, staffs love this so throwing a party is a morale builder. Encourage and incentivize your staff to come to the office in costume. Dressing up one day of the year is not too radical for law firms. Have a costume contest and give the winners Amazon or Starbucks gift cards. And of course, let the public know on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels (as well as on your Google Business Listing) about the event. Your blog post on divorce may not get many likes but the managing partner dressed in a Batman costume sure will.
  2. Want a more traditional means of law firm marketing, write a blog article about Halloween and its impact on your area of practice. If you’re a personal injury lawyer, write about the increase in the number of DUI’s on Halloween. If you’re a divorce lawyer, talk about how divorced parents divide time on Halloween. There is an angle to almost every practice area. Then of course ‘promote’ your blog on your social media channels.
  3. Attend an event. Many bar associations hold Halloween events. Attend and post photos of you at the event dressed up – even if the costume is a funny hat. Anything will work. This shows participation in the legal community. A firm that shows involvement in the legal community let alone the community at large generates more trust.
  4. Give back! Children love Halloween more than anyone. However, many kids cannot enjoy Halloween due any number of reasons. Have staff buy lots of bags of candy and schedule a time to visit your local Children’s Hospital and hand it out or leave it for the staff to hand out. If you want to post about the firm’s efforts, feel free. However, you may want to do this because it’s just a great thing to do.
  5. Walk the streets and hand out candy. Bring your phone and record yourself wishing people a happy Halloween and giving out candy. Ask them their favorite Halloween memories from their childhood. This does not have to be edited video. You post this on social media like Instagram where people expect to see real life, authentic videos. This is a brand building opportunity.
  6. If you have a local law office where there are trick or treaters in your neighborhood, have a bag of candy ready. Dress up your office with decorations and give out prizes to kids with unique costumes. This is great for brand building. You could even buy a promotional product like branded ear buds to hand out to kids with their candy.
  7. Remember to send out an email newsletter or e-card wishing your clients and contacts a Happy Halloween. In the video you can include a Halloween gif if you like so that the newsletter is ‘alive’ and creative. And of course, don’t forget to create posts to run on the 31st wishing your followers a happy holiday as well. Remember to throw in some Halloween emojis in those posts as well.
  8. Order promotional products off of Vistaprint or from another company that have a Halloween theme. For example, you can order M&M’s with your firm logo on them or custom Hershey’s chocolate bars with your logo.
  9. Run a social media contest. Tell your followers to post pictures or short videos of themselves and their kids with the hashtag #yourfirmname. Everyone who posts has their name thrown in a raffle for a $100 Amazon gift card. Or, you could have them make a short video and post it on social media. Include your employees, friends and colleagues as they are more likely to participate.

In order for a law firm marketing idea of any kind to work, the firm has to have top down support and participation from management. I hoped you enjoyed this list of the top 10 Halloween marketing ideas for law firms. Now it’s time to act. Wishing you a very creepy, scary and Happy Halloween!

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