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Online Marketing is Essential

Did you know that website visitors form an opinion about a company or a brand in less than one-half of a second in today’s world?

From the second someone visits your website, they’re passing judgment and forming opinions about your brand. To build a good online reputation, your website needs to look great and provide the information your visitors are looking for.

Make a Positive Impression

Unfortunately, many law firms woefully neglect their law firm internet marketing efforts. We’re here to fix that! With LawFull Attorney Marketing, your firm can make a positive first and last impression on your online visitors.

We often hear from clients that their website developer or writer doesn’t understand the legal industry. Having LawFull Attorney Marketing on your side solves that problem.

The importance of law firm internet marketing can’t be overstated. There are more than four billion people using the internet. When you expand your online presence, you get access to potential clients like never before!


When I decided to select a marketing and business development team, I did a lot of research and received various proposals... Barry blew away the competition in his preparation and knowledge of the legal industry ... My expectations were very high when I retained them, and they far exceeded me expectations.

Marc Siegel

Managing Partner Siegel & Dolan

Barry came in and helped my website developer redesign my website and has provided me valuable information about many other marketing strategies I'm using.

Tom Zimmerman

Zimmerman Law Offices

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Our Services

Marketing Strategy

Our Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO) program makes it easy to outsource these duties to us.

law firm Website Development

A website is your window to the world about your law firm. It’s the first impression you make to potential clients.

Content writing

With a knowledgeable writer in charge of your website content, you’ll be able to build a strong online reputation for your law firm.

YouTube Video Marketing

Did you know that YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world after Google? Video marketing your law firm on YouTube has great potential for success!

Search Engine Optimization

Attorneys are often skeptical of using search engine optimization for lead generation. A common perception is that it’s too expensive or too competitive to “get found” on Google. In reality, lawyers can compete with a reasonable investment in SEO.

Social Media Management

Targeted ad campaigns are available on social media and have proven effective for many law firms. Talk to LawFull today about how to use social media for your firm.

Google Ad Campaigns

In order to get to the top of search results, these businesses have paid for a Google ad campaign. A Google ad campaign, or PPC (pay-per-click) is often a great way to gain exposure, advertise your business, and get more website visitors.

internet Presence Audits

An audit is the first step to identifying your marketing weaknesses and developing your marketing strategy.

Successful Law Firm Outcome

See how LawFull Marketing has helped our law firm clients.

Siegel & Dolan

S&D is a premier employment law firm representing executives in employment matters.

Dramatic shift in Google presence

Modernized the firm’s website

New LawFull attorney-written content


At LawFull Attorney Marketing, we’re committed to helping your law firm succeed! Our services are tailored to your needs, and best of all, we’re highly experienced in the legal industry—we understand it inside and out. That’s something that most marketers cannot say.

Led by longtime attorney and digital marketer Barry Zlotowicz, we bring 25 years of legal experience to your doorstep. We’re committed to innovating and learning the latest strategies for success in the ever-changing online marketing world.

LawFull can work with your law firm to help identify and establish your firm brand, strategy and direction. Every part of your website works together to build your online reputation, and we can help you build a strong and positive web presence.  

Let LawFull Attorney Marketing guide you through the marketing process! Our Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO) program makes it easy to outsource marketing duties while still having a say in your company’s message and branding. We provide marketing guidance at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal marketing manager.

Get in touch with us today—we’d be glad to hear from you!